How to survive an I-9 audit

How to Survive an I-9 Audit

Real lessons you can learn from one brand’s federal audit experience

Audits happen. For Wildflower Bread Company, going through one opened their eyes to the processes and tools a brand needs to come out clean on the other side.

In our free case study, Wildflower reveals real lessons that employers and HR leaders should consider as they complete Form I-9s and employee verification, including:

  • The true price a company ends up paying after a federal audit (hint: it’s a big one)
  • How an automatic system can catch, and prevent, any HR mistakes your team might be making
  • Steps you can take immediately to keep your verification process above board at all times
I-9 Compliance Case Study
I-9 Compliance Case Study

It’s really easy to get I-9 compliance wrong. Decentralized hiring, high turnover and more non-U.S. workers...

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